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A vacation home can be particularly appealing to people who tend to visit the same location year after year. Owning a vacation property - rather than renting - can provide many perks including:

  • The ability to customize the property based on the owner's preferences

  • The convenience of having personal items in place

  • The comfort of knowing what to expect when on vacation

  • The flexibility of using the property at any time

It can be a special gathering place for friends and relatives and provide a second sense of “where I belong” to your children. Second homes that are regularly used for vacations and holidays provide a unique and valuable contribution to the spiritual wealth of any family.


If you buy right and manage it right, a second home can provide you with years and years of additional income.


$375,000 to $750,000

4 to 13 Bedrooms


All the fun you want is literally right in your neighborhood. Five restaurants, 10 pools, a spa and so much more keep everyone in your crew as happy at home as they are at the theme parks. And with a Reunion Club membership, owners will have access to three legendary golf courses and the resort’s thrilling water park with lazy river and championship tennis complex.


$333,000 to $415,000

4 to 6 Bedrooms


Located next to the Walt Disney World Resort and central to Orlando's world-class attractions, Storey Lake Reflections Executive Homes are perfect for your family’s story. From incredible resort-style comforts to convenient access to nearby shopping, dining and entertainment, Storey Lake’s conveniences make it a distinguished community.


$368,000 to $503,000

4 to 7 Bedrooms


Sonoma Resort is conveniently located next to "The Loop", a premier shopping and entertainment mecca.  In addition, the excitement of Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World as well as upscale brand outlets, Malls and numerous championship golf courses are only minutes away.  Sonoma offers exceptional amenities to include luxury clubhouse and cabanas, resort-style pool and water slide, tennis, basketball & volleyball courts, playground, high speed internet and landscaping services.

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